John Gates - Vice President

John Gates - Highland Ridge Custom Home Remodeling
  • Title: Vice President
  • How did you you get started remodeling? Father-in-law offered me a temp job and I took it.
  • What is your greatest remodeling strength? I can build almost anything.
  • What is your favorite tool? Tape measure
  • What is your favorite past time / hobby? Riding my Harley
  • How long have you been remodeling? Since 1987
  • What is the your favorite room of the your home? Why? Kitchen, I like to cook.
  • Favorite trick of the trade? Math
  • What do people need to know before starting a remodel? They’re many choices to make, take your time.
  • Why should someone choose Highland Ridge to remodel their house? We’re an experienced, talented, efficient, family company.

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