Field Issuance Remodeling (FIR Program)

Field Issuance Remodeling (FIR Program)

 Field Issuance Remodel (FIR) program

Are you a homeowner looking for a contractor In the City of Portland? The Field Issuance Remodel (FIR) program might be right for you!

The Field Issuance Remodel (FIR) program is designed to serve contractors that perform recurring alteration and addition work as well as new construction of accessory structures. The FIR program pairs contractors with a Senior Combination Inspector from the Bureau of Development Services, who are certified to do plan review and inspections to assist with your projects from conception to completion. To participate in the program contractors must be registered to participate.

Qualifying projects include:

  1. The alteration of existing habitable space;
  2. The conversion of existing non-habitable into habitable space;
  3. The creation of new habitable or non-habitable space attached to an existing structure;
  4. The erection of a new detached accessory structure.

The FIR program may not be used to permit:

  1. Demolition of one or two family dwelling or detached accessory structure;
  2. Creation of accessory dwelling units;
  3. Floating structures;
  4. Manufactured dwellings;
  5. Fire damage repair;
  6. Shared garages.

Projects that do not qualify as noted above must be submitted for permit application through the standard residential permit process.

The FIR program does not relax code requirements or provide lower standards of plan review or inspection services than those required by Oregon state law or Portland City Code.

Contact your certified FIR contractor at Highland Ridge Custom Home Remodeling today to see if your project qualifies!

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