"Our family works closely together to ensure your family has the best remodeling experience possible. It’s our absolute honor to take part in changing your home into a more beautiful & functional space."

Whole Home Remodeling

Our Story Begins

I grew up working for my father during summers and school breaks, learning all the various trades, but most importantly, how to build relationships through hard work, integrity, and providing value to our customers.

Learning The Craft

In 1972 my father Don decided to add on to our SE Portland home. I was enthralled with the entire process. My father would mark X’s where the nails were to be pounded and together we created something out of nothing. I’ve been hooked on remodeling ever since.

A new Chapter

After completing a bachelors degree in Robotics I decided that construction was my calling. My Father Don and I began framing new homes in 1987. We mastered home framing would later use this knowledge in custom home remodeling.

A New Family

I married my beautiful Wife, Shari in 1988. I became an instant father to three wonderful children. I knew that a career in remodeling would be an opportunity to provide for my new family of 5.

Highland Ridge Incorporates

With the foundation that my father and I built in framing, we decided to move into remodeling. In 1992 we created Highland Ridge Custom Home Remodeling. We would remodel side by side for the next 20 years.

The end of an Era

After 20 years of working together It was time for my father to retire to the top of Highland Butte, where he resides today. He spends his days woodworking, building rock walls and helping my mother Rubel in the garden.

teaming up with a


My Brother in-law John joined the company in 2002 as Vice President. John has added immeasurably with his expertise in; framing, project management and customer service.

A Wealth of Experience

With 25 years of framing experience, Aaron Welch Joins the Highland Ridge team. Aaron took the lead on all of our framing projects for 5 years until he eventually was promoted to Project Manager.

Our Family Expands

After 3 years with Highland Ridge Erich officially joins the family when he marries John's daughter, Hannah in 2018. Erich has worked his way through the ranks and proven to be a valuable asset as Project Manager.

The Legacy Continues

Now, 30 years later my son Ed is making his own mark on the business. Ed is continuing a family tradition that I could not be more proud of. He has transformed the way we do business through technology and refined our processes overall.