Homeowner First - The New Way to Remodel

Homeowner First - The New Way to Remodel

The typical contracting industry process for providing you with the information you need to make a smart decision is highly flawed.  Usually, homeowners find the process too mushy, too confusing, and leaves the homeowner carrying too much of the risk with too.  Worse yet, the project outcome may end up inconsistent with your vision, the estimated price or the promised delivery timeframe.  

It does not need to be that way.  New tools, methods and technologies have made possible a new way far better for the homeowner than the old contractor-centered way.

At Highland Ridge Custom Home Remodeling we use that better way. We call our process “Homeowner First.” This is a process that lets you learn, understand clearly and then try before you buy. If you work with us, you will sleep well because we can ensure that the project timeframe, project cost and the project outcome is guaranteed to match your vision and expectations.  No surprises after it is too late to do anything about it.

How is this possible? 

We move some key parts of the process to the front - before you sign the Agreement or commit to the project.  This allows you to get to know us while allowing us to intimately understand the shape and texture of your vision BEFORE you pass the point of no return.  The old way requires an unacceptable, often intolerable, leap of faith on your part.  Key questions that affect cost, project details and project time frame are never clear in the old process, the result is that an estimate is seldom better than just a guess and a totally inadequate basis for making smart decisions.

At Highland Ridge Custom Home Remodeling our Homeowner First process will provide a detailed proposal showing design, a complete scope of work, an informed project timeline and, perhaps most valuable, a firm, guaranteed price.  The Homeowner First process does not create new work or incremental cost – it resets the order of things in a way that works in your favor.  We do charge for this “pre-agreement” process, but it's things you would have paid for anyhow in a final Agreement. You have no obligation to do your project with us and you own ALL the results of the process.  Homeowner First gives you the information you need to make a great decision when you need it – not after you have signed a project agreement.

And, by using our Homeowner First method you will also be able to lock in a priority position in our work schedule. In the big picture, our Homeowner First method will save money, avoid unpleasant surprises and help you sleep well that you are going to have your dream fulfilled. 

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