Ed Miller - Office Manager

Ed Miller - Office Manager

    • Title: Office Manager
    • What is your greatest strength? Organization. Being organized is paramount when working on a bunch of different projects. Every day I prioritize tasks and create a checklist before I get started.
    • What is your favorite pastime/hobby? The great outdoors! I love spending time camping and hiking with my wife, Angela. Oh, and Motorcycles! If it's got 2 wheels, I'm on it.
    • Where were you born? Cocoa Beach, Florida. Moved to Oregon when I was very young.
    • What is your favorite tool? I'm a tech guy. I love new tech tools and anything that can streamline processes.
    • How did you get started remodeling? I was helping my dad clean up job sites when I was 8 years old. I ventured off into beer and wine sales for 10 years but returned to work for the family business in 2015. I always felt a calling to work for the family and I'm happy that I made it home. 
    • How long have you been remodeling? I've been involved with project management and office management since 2015. I also worked on and off for the family business during high school and college.
    • What is your favorite room in your home? Why? The master bedroom. Having a retreat to unwind is so darn nice.
    • Who is my ideal client? My ideal client is one who is open to using technology and new methods to help develop a project. A client with a good sense of humor and that appreciates hard work.
    • Favorite trick of the trade? Buildertrend, I feel so lucky to be able to manage our jobs with our cloud-based system. It makes managing projects 10x easier!
    • Do you know any remodeling myths? You should always get 3 bids. Not all bids are created equal and not all contractors are always bidding on the same thing. It's the apple and oranges deal. I'm a believer in developing projects first and then putting some numbers into it.
    • What do people need to know before starting a remodel? It's not easy. It's not always fun. But it's always incredibly rewarding.
    • Why should someone choose Highland Ridge to remodel their house? We treat projects as if they were our own. We keep the homeowners informed and engaged throughout the remodeling process with our easy-to-use online system.

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