NE Portland Master Bathroom Remodel - Highland Ridge Custom Home Remodeling
NE Portland Master Bathroom Remodel - Highland Ridge Custom Home Remodeling
NE Portland Master Bathroom Remodel - Highland Ridge Custom Home Remodeling

NE Portland Master Bathroom Remodel

Q: What is a Project Development Agreement?
A: The Project Development Agreement allows our team to develop your project for construction. We’ll work with you to create a design, develop plans, make selections & more. Doing the preconstruction homework up front prepares us for a much smoother construction process overall.

Q: What is design/build?
A: We develop your project from point A to point B. We work with our stable of independent designers, architects and engineers to create a special one off remodel. You’ll only pay the general contractor for services rendered and have an ally you can count on throughout the process.

Q: Can I live in my home during the remodel?
A: Remodeling can be dusty and noisy during construction. We do our best to minimize the effects of construction. If you are remodeling a single bathroom or kitchen we can set up a temporary area for you to cook during the remodel. If we are touching multiple areas in your home we recommend vacating during construction. If you have nowhere to have peace and quiet a remodel can get tiresome quickly.

Q: What is Buildertrend?
A: Buildertrend is a cloud based project management system that helps us coordinate and communicate during your remodel. You’ll have your very own website where we’ll store documents, photos, specifications, schedules, current financials and more.

Q: Does your crew perform all the work or do you sub it out?
A: We use both in-house and specialty subcontractors to complete your remodel. Some trades like electrical, plumbing and mechanical require special certifications and licensing.

Q: Should I get multiple bids and pick the lowest price?
A: There are plenty of ways to cut corners to create a lower price. Competitive bidding rewards the lowest price and offers absolutely no advantage to good workmanship. We prefer to do things the best way. “Best” means, in our opinion, the most effective combination of price to performance – getting the most bang for your buck.

Q: I signed a Project Development Agreement, now what?
A: We’ll get to work building out your project website. We’ll set up a meeting to walk you through your project website and how everything works. We’ll prepare shopping lists, production schedules, subcontractor bids and more. Once we have our bids back and selections made our team will prepare a complete job book and contract for you to review.

Highland Ridge Remodeling offers expert guidance to help you traverse through the remodeling process. We believe that our remodels are built by a team that truly cares, whose morals guide both the remodeling process and the client relationship. These morals include respect, dependability, transparency and dedication to remodeling right the first time. Our promise is to create an inspired space that enriches your quality of life.

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