Universal Design Bathroom Remodel

Job Description

Update existing 5x7-foot space to be wheelchair-accessible (zero-threshold, 36-inch-wide door) and install flat-panel electrical switches at sitting level (36 to 42 inches above floor). Replace toilet with comfort height fixture featuring elongated bowl and bidet-type seat. Remove existing bathtub and install curbless, tiled, walk-in shower with adjustable showerhead, foldout seat, thermostatic mixing valve, and bi-directional glass door. Replace flooring with electric radiant heat beneath new luxury vinyl tile flooring. Install adaptive living vanity with easy-grasp handles and adjustable mirror. Install LED lights, infrared ceiling light, night light, and ultra-quiet vent fan with humidity-sensing controls. Install ceramic tiles on walls with two contrasting color stripes. Install nine towel bars that can support 250 pounds and reconfigure storage to be accessible from a seated position.

Range Of Cost

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We develop your project from point A to point B. We work our network of designers, engineers, suppliers and subcontractors to create a special on-off remodel. You’ll only pay the general contractor for services rendered and you'll have a partner that you can rely on throughout the process.

The Project Development Agreement allows our team to develop your project for construction. We’ll work with you to create a design, develop plans, make selections & more. Doing the pre-construction homework up front prepares us for a much smoother construction process overall.

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