Outdoor Living Spaces

Are you the type of person that would rather cook on a barbecue than on a stove? Then you need a great looking outdoor space that starts with a beautiful deck or patio!

Deck composition

Decks are generally made from wood, such as cedar, redwood, mahogany, however in recent years composite materials have been gaining in popularity. Both offer a variety of colors, textures/grains and we specialize in creation of fantastic decks utilizing both types of materials.


In general, patios cost less than decks. Patios can be created from concrete that we pour or we can create it from pavers. Pavers are cement blocks that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can be integrated for a more finished look as a border around a poured concrete slab. We specialize in concrete patios that are textured and/or acid washed/stained. As well as exposed aggregate finishes.

Tree Houses and Forts

If you didn't have one as a kid then you knew someone that did and you wanted one! There is nothing more fun for a child than playing in your very own fort or tree house!


We all know it rains a fair amount in Oregon so covering your outdoor living space can make it usable for 12 months a year. Our custom awnings allow you to have a covered space that matches the color and style of your existing home. No need to have the old tin shack roof look in your backyard!

Post and beam construction is appealing because of it's unique appearance that weathers well. This type of cover really makes your property stand out because of it's rustic character and durability.


These wooden patio covers allow you to have a somewhat covered space that provides moderate shade and a very attractive support structure for various climbing vines.