Erich Mays - Project Manager

  • What is your greatest strength? My ability to problem solve and think outside the box.
  • What is your favorite past time / hobby? Tournament Paintball and building motorcycles.
  • Where were you born? Portland, OR.
  • What is your favorite tool? Knipex Pliers.
  • How did you you get started remodeling? I come from a background in multiple trades. At the time i was working a job that was great while i was getting my degree but i didn't have opportunity to move up. John asked if i would be interested in coming to work for them, Remodeling was a good opportunity to work with family in a great business.
  • How long have you been remodeling? 5 years for Highland Ridge, I am just over 10 years in the construction industry as a whole.
  • What is the your favorite room of the your home? Why? The garage or shop space. In my house this is a place for me to go and forget about everything except the projects on hand. A break from the everyday to work with my hands.
  • What do people need to know before starting a remodel? there may come a point in the remodel where you hit a snag or unforseen problem. just know that we can solve those problems effectively and work with you to make it what you want.
  • Why should someone choose Highland Ridge to remodel their house? Chris the owner cares more about his clients then anyone I know. The business was started by his dad with the same ethics it currently has. He truly cares and that has passed on to his employees. We care about the people we work with and the customers that let us into there homes.