3 Year Warranty: When we decided upon the warranty to offer to our clients, we had two main objectives. One was the importance for us to offer an industry leading warranty to show our clients just how much we stand behind our work. The second was to look at our warranty from our client’s point of view. And offer something that would make you feel at ease knowing that your investment is covered well into the future.

We Take Pride in Our Work: We believe that we use the best construction practices, best materials available and we hire the best employees that take great pride in their work. Because of this we can offer a remodeling industry leading 3 year Warranty on our craftsmanship

Checking in on Your Investment: We provide a 3 year Warranty on craftsmanship and manufacturer’s warranty on products. To help ensure everything is perfect, we will come back after 3 months to check in with you and address any possible issues that may have surfaced. Additionally, after 11 months, we will come back and do a complete home inspection before product warranties expire, so we can address any additional concerns that may arise.

Integrated Warranty Claims Clients can use our integrated online software to track any warranty issues you may have so we always have a complete list of things that need done and nothing slips between the cracks.

The Best of the Best: While we truly hope you never need to use our industry leading 3 year Warranty we hope it helps you find comfort in the fact that you are working with a team that strives to be the best of the best. It’s our goal to not only provide the highest quality projects but to offer a truly unique and outstanding customer experience throughout the construction process.