Our Process

At Highland Ridge we are design/build specialists. Design-build means that all of the key aspects of your project are integrated — from design to building to warranty. This approach ensures the vision you started with equals the home you ended up with — your vision stays perfectly intact, down to the smallest detail.

Step 1 – Let’s Talk.

During this phase we’ll get acquainted to see if we are a fit for each other. Since you are reading this document, that process is already underway. We’ll do a deep dive into your vision and make sure that we “get it.” We’ll talk about your budget in relation to your vision, consider possible options and explain how our process works. We’ll talk schedule, your role in the project and what you can expect from us. We’ll be unfailingly honest — telling you what will be fun — and what won’t. And we’ll leave you with a complete remodeling guidance kit full of useful information to help you understand not only who we are but also how projects like yours works.

Step 2 - The Professional Services Agreement

Prior to entering into a Construction Agreement together there will be pre-construction processes for which there will be fees. These fees are separate from the construction contract. These pre-construction processes will be handled with what is called a Professional Services Agreement or PSA. Your PSA will include costs for doing a detailed estimate that assures you a quality, completed project at a guaranteed price. Your PSA will include; a custom project website, design services, engineering, subcontractor bidding, budget revisions, selections, production schedule, specifications and more. Your PSA does not obligate you to enter into a Construction Agreement with us and you own the results of the job development covered by the PSA. 

Step 3 - Project Development

With all or most of the results of the PSA work in hand we will meet with you to talk through the project. We will take all the time you want to be comfortable and confident. We’ll go over the scope of work, production schedule, progress payments, logistics and concerns. You will meet your personal project manager and discuss how communications can be handled.

Step 4 - The Construction Agreement

We will now have all the information to provide a guaranteed price for your project, you will have signed off on the design and production plan. We will provide an agreement for our mutual signatures. We will go over and explain every detail of our construction agreement and prepare for construction.

Step 5 - Project Management

During the building phase we will handle all the details of ordering materials, scheduling, oversite and coordination. We will diligently keep you up to date on construction progress and keep daily logs of our work.

Step 6 - In-Process Changes

No matter how carefully we plan your project together you will probably want to make some changes along the way. We are prepared to accommodate any changes you want to make. Our agreement will explain how costs associated with your changes will be handled. You'll be able approve changes with our simple on-line system.

Step 7 – Project Completion

During this completion phase we will meticulously inspect to ensure that craftsmanship level have been maintained throughout the project. We will complete a final clean and schedule a final walkthrough. As you start "living" with your new home, there may be some small items that will need attention. We'll provide a post completion checklist and schedule a 3-month courtesy check-in. We'll come prepared to take care of all of the items on your list. Rest assured that we'll also reach out to schedule a 1 year warranty walk through and be available 24/7.