Aaron Welch - Project Manager

Aaron Welch - Project Manager

Title: Project Manager
  • How did you get started remodeling? After twenty-plus years of new home construction, I transitioned to home remodeling.
  • What is your greatest remodeling strength? Being able to visualize the finished product before starting.
  • What is your favorite tool? Framing hatchet
  • What is your favorite pastime/hobby? Traveling and New Orleans Saints football
  • How long have you been remodeling? Fifteen years
  • What is your favorite room in your home? Why? Man cave. Watching football.
  • Favorite part of remodeling? Framing
  • Do you know any remodeling myths? Never believe you can finish a job as fast as they show on the home remodeling shows.
  • What do people need to know before starting a remodel? Be prepared to make decisions on products and materials to complete the project.
  • Who is Highland Ridge's ideal client? Anyone is ideal as long as they are ready to take on the task of a home remodel.
  • Why should someone choose Highland Ridge to remodel their house? We are a motivated and down-to-earth remodeling company with many years of combined experience.

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